Crochet rattle Colwa

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Crochet rattle Colwa

Our rattle is called Colwa which is the bemba word for Zebra. Zebras live in large flocks. These magnicificent creatures are the inspiration behind our zebra rattles.

Our Zebra rattle is crocheted from cotton yarn and is just the right size for tiny baby hands. It gives a gentle rattle sound. Behind each rattle is a woman in Zambia, who earns a much needed extra income from crocheting. Our rattle is a meaningful and unique gift for the smallest child.

Fact: Our rattles are crocheted in 100% cotton and stuffed with oeko-certified acrylic. They can be machine washed in lukewarm water, but avoid tumble drying. Yawama toys are CE marked and tested and therefore safe for the youngest children.

Height: +- 20cm

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