Sunbird Rooibos Irtotee Wild Grown

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Eteläafrikkalainen, laadukas Sunbird rooibos alkuperätee on pakattu kauniiseen peltirasiaan. Vaalean sävyinen, tuoreiden hedelmien aromia ja hieman tanniinista makua sisältävä irtotee, joka on valmistettu villinä kasvavasta rooiboksesta.

Annostele yksi teelusikallinen kuppia kohden ja hauduta 5-6 minuuttia juuri keitetyssä vedessä tai keitä kattilassa 2-4 minuuttia.

Kauniissa peltirasiassa on 100g parasta Hidden Valley -alueen villinä kasvanutta rooibos irtoteetä Etelä-Afrikasta.

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Rooibos Wild Grown

12,50  (sis. alv)

Our Rooibos in beautifully packaged in a white tin with a paper label. The Rooibos is stored in a re-sealable bag to retain the full flavour for a long period of time.


Light in colour with fresh fruit notes accompanied by low tannins. Different
sub-species of wild Rooibos add to the complexity of the flavours. Pressure on our processor this year meant for a late harvest. The more mature plants brought milder flavours but with smoothness and a long finish. Brew at a lower temperature to bring out the best in this discerning tea.


Our wild tea is from the same farm as our Hidden Valley terroir described on the previous page. This tea is sustainably harvested from naturally vegetated slopes that are too steep, rocky or inaccessible to be commercially farmed. The altitude ranges from 650m to 750m.


White tin box, box made in South Africa
Height 15.2cm
Width 7cm
Length 10cm
Loose leaf Rooibos tea is packed in a resealable and clear stand-up pouch made from coated polyester (CTD PET) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). This plastic is widely recycled globally.

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South Africa

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