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The hippo is the world’s third largest land animal after the elephant and the rhino. Hippos are found in central and southern portion of the continent of Africa. Hippos are known to be very protective and brave in nature and so to is our hand knit hippo. A faithful guardian!

Our hand knit hippo is calle Infubu which is the bemba word for hippo. Our hippo is knitted in the finest cotton yarn sourced in Tanzania. Behind its production are women in Zambia, who gain a much needed extra income from knitting cuddly plush toys.

Infubu a meaningful and unique gift for children of all ages.

Facts about our toys: Our hand knit and chrochet soft toys are made from 100% oeko certified cotton and stuffed with oeko-certified acrylic. The toys can be machine washed in warm water and drip-dried. These stuffed animals are CE marked and therefore safe for the youngest children.

Unique design: We always strive to be as true to the original design as possible. With that said, you can not find two toys precisely the same. It is part of the charm of buying handmade. Some animals are longer, shorter, rounder or slimmer than the toy you saw in the picture. However, we promise that every toy has its charm and the same high quality. Yawama animals are as unique as the women who produce them.

Length: Head to toe +-25cm

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