Latitude Dark Milk

5,00  (sis. alv)

A warm brownie paired with a cold glass of milk. This is the perfect balance between dark and milk. Why not have both?

Latitude was founded by Jeff Steinberg in 2016, in the small Ugandan town of Kasese. It’s come a long way since then, growing from only 3 people (including Jeff) into a thriving Certified B Corp run by 25 full-time Ugandan staff. But the mission at the heart of Latitude has stayed the same: “Our bottom line is (and always will be) quantified by how many households we work with and what we are doing for them.”

With a local focus at the heart of everything they do, it’s no surprise that Latitude works very closely with local growers in sourcing cocoa beans. They’ve contracted over 1000 small-holder organic-certified farmers, about half of whom are women. They set up bi-weekly collection points, at walking distance from the farms, so on the same day of harvest beans are weighed and farmers are paid in cash. So not only do farmers receive a premium price, but their costs of transport, labour, materials, and processing are reduced, as are the risks of theft and spoilage.

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