Knitted Monkey – Kolwe, pink

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Vervet monkeys found in Zambia and larger parts of Africa have served as models for our stuffed toy Kolwe.

Within African cultures, the monkey has always been held high in esteem. The monkey was considered to be one of the most intelligent animals and often became the symbol of wisdom. In African sagas and fables, the monkey is presented as a quick-witted trickster who defeats larger animals through its inventiveness. Monkeys stand for curiosity and playfulness. Like our soft toy Kolwe – the perfect stuffed toy!

Behind its production are women in Zambia, who earn a much needed extra income from knitting these eco-friendly creatures. Kolwe is a unique gift for children of all ages.

Facts: This friendly monkey is knitted from 100% cotton yarn with OEKO certified acrylic stuffing. All our stuffed animals like Kolwe can be machine washed in lukewarm water andTietoa leluista then drip-dried. Our toys are CE marked and are therefore safe for even the smallest chidl

Length, head to foot: 29cm

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